Music of Alexander Skryabin

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Music of Alexander Skryabin

Scriabin's music is an uncontrollable, deeply human desire for freedom, for joy, for enjoying life. ... It continues to exist as a living witness to the best aspirations of its era, in the conditions of which it was an "explosive," exciting and restless element of culture.

B. Asafiev

A. Scriabin entered the Russian music in the late 1890's. and immediately declared himself as an exceptional, brightly gifted personality. A brave innovator, "a brilliant seeker of new ways," according to N. Myaskovsky, "with the help of a completely new and unprecedented language, he opens before us such extraordinary ... emotional prospects, such heights of spiritual enlightenment that grows in our eyes to the appearance of world significance ". Scriabin's innovation also manifested itself in the field of melody, harmony, texture, orchestration, and in the specific interpretation of the cycle, and in the originality of ideas and ideas, which largely merged with romantic aesthetics and the poetics of Russian symbolism. Despite a short creative path, the composer created many works in the genres of symphonic and piano music. He wrote 3 symphonies, Poem of Ecstasy, poem "Prometheus" for orchestra, Concerto for piano and orchestra; 10 sonatas, poems, preludes, etudes and other compositions for piano. Scriabin's creativity was consonant with the complex and turbulent era of the turn of the two centuries and the beginning of the Bernard Gantner art

new, 20th century. Tension and flaming tone, titanic aspirations to freedom of the spirit, to the ideals of good and light, to the universal brotherhood of people permeate the art of this musician-philosopher, bring him closer to the best representatives of Russian culture.

Concerto for piano with orchestra in F sharp sharp. 1 part, Allegro

Scriabin's music is very original. It clearly feels nervous, impulsive, anxious search, not alien to mysticism. From the point of view of composer technology Scriabin's music is close to the work of the composers of the New Viennese School (Schoenberg, Berg and Webern), but it was solved in a different perspective - through the complication of harmonic means within the tonality. At the same time, the form in his music is almost always clear and complete.


Waltz in A Flat, op.38

The composer was attracted to images associated with fire: in the names of his works, fire, flame, light, etc. are often mentioned. This is due to his search for the possibilities of combining sound and light.

Waltz in F minor op.1

In his early works, Scriabin, a subtle and sensitive pianist, consciously followed Chopin, and even created works in the same genres as the one: etudes, waltzes, mazurkas, sonatas, nocturnes, impromptu, polonaise, piano concerto the period of his creative development was manifested in the composer's own handwriting.

Text from Wikipedia and Belcanto site.

Concerto for piano with orchestra in F sharp sharp. 3 part, Allegro Moderato




Nikolay Gumilev

* * *

The painter should have a secret,
Incredible even after years.
A special color, special light,
A special vision of nature.

Then he is compassionate and loving,
He paints the image of his own universe.
Then he has a whole world around him
Transforms with an inspired brush!

Do not explain the secret skill
And charm of a genuine feeling.
And we will not find a response anywhere,
Only in the secret caches of art.

In the past, I conquered all
His paintings are magical power.
He knew the stunning success
And his criticism extolled.

The radiance of the waters, the brilliance of the peaks ...
With time, secrets will unfold.
But only he wrote this alone -
Прос Grigoriy Goldstein paintings

lavender magician of light.

Only the sky knows the limits of our forces,
The offspring will be weighed out who has kept that much.
What we will create henceforth, for this is the authority of the Lord,
But what we have created, then with us today.

To all the offenders we say hello,
We answer to the exalted ones - no!
Reproachions flattering and the rumble of rumor
Equal to the creative shrine are indecent.


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