How easy it is to understand the world of painting ...

This is the original creation I found on the forum game "Hunters for good luck."
I do not think that it claims a professional classification in painting, but I read with pleasure, which I wish you.)))


Great artists - it's not as difficult as it seems at first glance. So, here is a simple tip that will help you in a difficult moment not to fall in the dirt face.

If you see in the picture a dark background and all the suffering on your faces - it's Titian.
The exception - this is a golopopaya person without signs of thought on his face.
You can remember only one thing. Venus, not Venus, but there is something venereal in it.



If the picture here are tactful priests and cellulite, even in peasants,
Do not hesitate - this is Rubens.





If in the picture the peasants are like the curly hair of curly women or just the Italian gigolo - this is Caravaggio.




He drew women a half times. The next picture is a woman.
Gorgonyan Meduza Arutyunovna. Why she looks like Johnny Depp -
The riddle is cleaner than the smile of the Mona Lisa.



If the picture is a lot of little people - Brueghel.




Many little people + little incomprehensible garbage - Bosch.





If all people look like homeless people by the light of a dim lantern -
This is Rembrandt.



If you can easily paint a picture of a couple of thick-cheeked cupids
And the sheep (or they are already there) is Boucher.



All naked and figures like those of bodybuilders after drying - Michelangelo.





Anna Razumovskaya art for sale


Diego Fazo: in pencil and handwriting

This twenty-year-old Italian artist has an incredible talent that allows him to draw large-scale portraits of people with a simple pencil. Thus, the simplest of which does not happen - a slate, in fact. The main and unusual advantage of them in realism is that they seem to be photos in high resolution. In order to prove to the audience their drawing, Diego Fuso (Diego Fazo) filmed in stages the whole process of creation. That is, he fixed the camera over a blank sheet of paper, and recorded a video about how he, on a white sheet of paper, the size of a man's height, paints a portrait of a woman with a simple pencil.



In the achieved level of the creation of works, two factors are most striking. The first is the age of the artist, after all he is quite a young young man, and to achieve such skill you need many years of experience. The second factor seems completely incredible Michael Cheval art for sale, especially against the background of the first one. This is an Italian realist - self-taught. He does not just have no art education, moreover - he did not take a single lesson from the luminaries of the brush and palette. Before starting to create portraits in pencil, he worked as a tattoo artist in one of the Italian beauty salons.

Glory honored this Italian artist with his visit. Evidence of this is the thousands of admiring evaluations under each of his works published on the Internet. Undoubtedly, these are not titled exhibition victories and not positive reviews of eminent connoisseurs. But grateful people are not tens, not even hundreds, but thousands. But this is only the beginning Kush Paintings for sale , although Diego Fuso frankly declares that more happiness to him, as an artist, is no longer needed.





2016 Leonardo da Vinci paintings study

Not the basis of any painting, but would like to take this as a painting diary, each painting a new are updated.
The first copy of the original painting on the left, the right I painted.


November 13 update



Leonardo da Vinci paintings for sale

November 19 update