The development of new paint on the development of oil have any effect?

Throughout the history of art, artists have always been able to adapt oil painting pigments in different ways to adapt to changing aesthetic concepts. Or to remove the oil color of the gloss, or make it more shiny, or increase the oil, or reduce the oil, so that the oil painting color with its sufficient flexibility to meet the various changes.

At present foreign art supplies on the market there have been a variety of oil color variants, such as: acrylic paint, alkyd resin paint and water-soluble oil paint and so on. Traditional oil paints from the late 15th century and early 16th century after the formation of its formula is basically the same: by grinding the pigment powder to deploy a capable of oil, paint and oil are natural materials. The new pigment blending medium - "oil" is a man-made resin. The beginning of this century, the invention of synthetic resin is used as a high-quality paint applied to the wall. At present the domestic market for the sale of "Nippon Paint" is a synthetic resin paint. Synthetic resin was originally used in the painting is the production of "Tempela" emulsion, its fast drying rate and dry after the formation of tough color layer, to bring a lot of convenience and novelty feelings. Synthetic resin pigment from the development to the present has long been through the experimental period, and become much welcomed by oil painters of new painting materials.

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The change of material indicates the renewal of painting technique and the development of painting on the shelf. New art genres or movements are always accompanied by the application of new techniques or new materials. For example: the application of egg glue to Giotto, Botticelli and other masters have benefited; oil application, so that the development of classical painting Transparent painting; oil paint the emergence of direct painting possible; The production of oil paints for the Impressionist and subsequent modern painting provides a convenient. So, the application of synthetic resin paint will not produce a new painting look?


Today, the traditional materials and techniques can not meet the creative needs of artists. The new effect is the inevitable result of the new requirements, the new synthetic resin pigment will be widely accepted by modern people.