RAIN JEF RAINLAND and Tatiana Snezhina

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RAIN JEF RAINLAND and Tatiana Snezhina

* * *
 And it's raining outside
 He paints the windows on the windows.
 All, of course, will pass,
 Only sorry for the past ...



Frédéric Chopin - Waltz of the Rain

* * *
 Do not leave me alone
 Like a spent day,
 Do not run away from me -
 I am with you like a shadow.

 Well, if you suddenly
 I could not dream,
 And you, my friend,
 Never fly.

 You, of course, will see
 With him only a shadow,
 You will instantly forget
 The day lived.

 If the rain is pouring,
 You will go under an umbrella
 And from t Kenzo Okada art

he meeting with me,
 You'll bury yourself in your house.




* * *

You are my sadness.
 You are my rain.
 And a little sorry,
 That you will not come again.

 Quietly immerse
 And I will forget forever.
 No more admission
 In the heart of never.


* * *
 Here again in a rainy season ugorazdilo,
 Fate carried me past the holiday.
 Razognalas and so cute drove
 Past summer, right into the autumn fierce.

 My spring passed unnoticed,
 Like a fragile gazelle is incredulous,
 A light trail of her flashed by the bend.
 Do not overtake and do not return even a shadow of it.

 Tears picked up the wind and carried away,
 I flew with my tear behind my thunderstorm.
 The sky will break with thunder and lightning
 And fill my soul with silence.

 And the rainy season over the city frowns.
 And the river through the tear-stained streets
 Multicolored umbrellas are bottled
 In the spring, what's behind your back is smiling

* * *
Rain. And you will not come,
 A wet cloak will not be removed in the hallway.
 Do not heat your hands by the fire.
 You will not embrace me, as before.

 Rain. And you do not wait
 Meetings with a casual passer-by.
 Hurry the clock, time chasing,
 Against you and me.


* * *
 And again it was raining.
 And the stars were falling.
 I'm back in the notebook
 Wrote poetry.

 I waited for you to come,
 Mollify my tears,
 Problems you will settle,
 Let go of your sins ...

 I waited for
 All life is different.
 And I knew one thing -
 I need only you.

 Nothing will come back.
 It's raining in the house,
 Banging on the window,
 Blurred dreams ...

* * *
 You love the sun - I love the rain.
 You love the day - I love the night.
 Two different shores of the sea of ​​love.
 Let me be far away, but you'll swim.

* * *

JEFF ROWLAND is a modern English artist. As he writes about himself, he has Irish (on the maternal line) and Scottish (on the paternal line) roots. He received his art education at the College of Arts in Northern Tyneside. Professionally works as an artist since 1984. He lives with his friend Alison and son Chris in a place called Monkseaton, which is on the northeast coast of England.
Rain often symbolizes loneliness, but Jeff Rowland has a completely different rain - it unites and does not separate people. In his paintings for lovers, lanterns burn, for them bridges arise, they are brought - oh, what nostalgia! - locomotives, and taxis are not removed with a nasty squeal, but benevolently open the doors to future passengers

* * *

Tatyana Snezhina poetess, artist, singer (1972- 1995) In just a short creative biography of Tatyana Snezhina, about 200 songs and poems were written.
But on the very rise of her creative biography, Tatyana Snezhina died, along with her fiancé, not surviving until the wedding just 3 weeks.

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