The artist of the gods, Lorenzo Maria Bottari, dedicates an exhibition to the poetess Alda Merini

Mary Bottari Lorenzo (Palermo , 1949) , one of the most vibrant Italian artists to the cultural substratum that has ever championship his pictorial work lives the good fortune to have been a friend of the most significant Italian poet of our times , for some time disappeared, and today the Sicilian painter makes a real tribute show with a high material put up by the Culture and the Municipality of Pioltello . 4-2.jpg

These paintings are a celebration of poetry , myths , gods and muses, the world's most intriguing comes from the verses suffered left by this sorceress of the third millennium . Mary Bottari Lorenzo who has traveled the world exposing very prestigious exhibitions , and boasted that the friendship of the intellectuals and boasts the most sophisticated , Italian and foreign , desired to crown this shows true friendship and suffered an intense dialogue with the heart in his hands. With Alda Merino was born a love of colors and poetry. Bottari , portraying the poet scored with warm and vibrant colors the passion that burned in the body. And the portraits so natural and so free develop only a part of the show even if it is significant that lives well as all the symbols that have been the engine of the artist's painting , from youths to flowers - street , from hearts to the Greek gods , dreams the dances . Everything has been working with different techniques ranging from Alfred Gockel paintings to mosaics, to the graphics , to the stained glass. Show that then it is a high tribute to the most important Italian poet but is also a sign of how much artistic work, and that thick, Lorenzo Maria Bottari has developed in all these years . Once again, the artist of the gods with the passion that characterizes it, the culture that belongs to him, with the warm tones that ferment gradually gave proof of his sculpted world between dream and reality.4-3.jpg

 by (Alfred Gockel Dancing Angels )

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