2016 Leonardo da Vinci paintings study

Not the basis of any painting, but would like to take this as a painting diary, each painting a new are updated.
The first copy of the original painting on the left, the right I painted.


November 13 update



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November 19 update








about Mary Cassatt Breakfast in Bed

enjoy! The The key is to enjoy the process of painting! Happy when you are happy to draw! Listen to music, touch the color, feel strokes! The whole process is a self-healing! The Did not want to draw good! Is the regulation of life! Of course, get someone else's praise is also very happy! The The University learned a semester brushwork! After graduation did not draw it! The The
Contact painting is also the recent house decoration needs to have ideas! Read the Internet have a number of oil paintings, not painted according to painted on the line! The But I still want to draw my own! Coupled with the recent mood is not good need to adjust! The The First on a treasure to buy a tool! The Read the video! Be sure to understand the usage of the tool first! The The Their own online drawing, it started!
The first one! walking in the rain! The Draw two weeks ago! Dawd a day! The



It's fine! There is no magic! The The Although the painting in general! Haha! The Love painting oil painting! The The Is cleaning the trouble! The The The The
Yesterday bought a varnish! Prepare it for a weekend! The Continue to draw the second! The


No foundation does not matter! no matter when! As long as interested can be painted! The What can not be painted like a picture! As long as their own happy on the line! The The Get fun from it! The The The Here as a record of my painting! The The
Updated June 18th
Today's super-heat 33 quietly painted the second! Pick the painting is still quite King! The The Naked woman! Haha


Mary Cassatt Breakfast in Bed Oil Painting Reproductions

Draw a while for a while! The



by Mary Cassatt Paintings


Song of the Angels paintings


William Bouguereau Song of the Angels reproduction oil paintings

This is the impression that the old bed sheets.
No matter, decided to finish!


Every time you draw the top are hairy head, alas, obsessive-compulsive disorder, such as I always could not help but to get rid of them ... ... [to be patient]


This, must be in the painting when listening to the Caribbean Pirates of the music only purple. Ok.
happy New Year!
January 2016 Updated:


Think Mo teacher works of this meaning is very good, so the painting:


The reflection part is still very bright, that is, the handling of the sky is still very naive (I can tell you a secret I again in the painting process overturned the paint)