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A large series of knowledge in 16 volumes (2004-2006) PDF

"A large series of knowledge," which included sixteen encyclopedias. Publishers did not try to fit all the knowledge into one book, as this is impossible. They avoided excessive differentiation of knowledge on volumes, since this would presuppose a scientific level of illumination of the material. They tried to find the golden mean, so that these encyclopedias compiled a "Great series of knowledge" for the curious reader.

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The peculiarity of the book is the location of the material, which allows the reader to quickly find the necessary information. The publication contains a rich illustrative, cartographic and reference material.
For senior students, students and all curious readers.

Series composition:
1. Countries. Peoples. - Europe and Russia
2. Countries. Peoples. - Asia and Africa
3. Countries. Peoples. - America, Australia and Oceania
4. Ancient world. Middle Ages
5. A New and Contemporary History
6. Myths of the peoples of the world
7. Religions of the World
8. Fine Arts
9. World Literature
10. Physics
11. The Universe
12. The Earth
13. Biology
14. Chemistry
15. Bionics
16. Wonders of the World

Title: A large series of knowledge in 16 volumes
Authors: Novikov VB, Tsirulnikov AM, Lukov VA, Berlyant AM
Publisher: M .: OOO "Mir knigi", ID "Sovremennaya pedagogika"
Year: 2004-2006
Genre: Informative literature, encyclopedia
Russian language
Format: PDF
Quality: Excellent, color illustrations
Number of pages: 16x130
Size: 1.02 GB

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