ak caizhuangpin clearing the ~ ( remaining makeup has been updated , please leave a message to the new version)

sorry, cocoan and bemqq water
Or you guys can not be contacted
There is some water water before nor after MAIL an account below
AK wait until today , oh
After tomorrow , took the opportunity to give something Shui
Please forgive me ~ ~

In addition , ak with some new cosmetics po a
Also please support yo ~ ~ ~









Please note
To book Shui
Oh, all comments in this edition

ak will be a message in this version of the water of the subject , the first reserved for you guys ^ ^
In addition, the inquiry of the water , ak or will you guys first put aside the first priority

However, ask them two days if there is no message
Give the chance to put the next one oh ^ ^

4/16 until the Reserve List / Send List Update

hike **** Reservations cc pink eyeliner ( already sent )
Tim ***** Reservations mac eye shadow / Victoria De Toilette Spray ( eye shadow has been sent )
zip **** Book nars blush / fiber Commemorative Edition Mascara ( Sent )
fan *** Reservations jillstuart Powder ( already sent )
step *** Reservations mac Lip Palette
ivy *** scheduled three mirrors ( already sent )
ceci *** Order artdeco powder , nars eye shadow, small fragrant powder ( already sent )
West *** Order integrate eye shadow pen , kate gray eye shadow box ( already sent )
Wire ** Order DHC group ( already sent )
haze *** Order js Christmas Lip Gloss ( silver box ) ( Sent )
zippc **** provides fiber Commemorative Edition nars blush ( already sent ) )
sun *** mj blush lip gloss set pn ( already sent ) )
Highland *** Order ARTDECO DHC mascara eyeshadow ( already sent )

Explain once again , these are used to Qi Chengxin Jiucheng five new things ~
Please be sure to see photo description
In addition, there is good news , mac two combination disc box also found
Attach them together ^ ^


Always a postage 40 yuan
Two or more Free Shipping

If you buy a ak sister of Victoria ... makeup category
Also can work together Free Post
But ... her stuff in Taoyuan
To wait one to two weeks , oh ~
((sorry, because ak live in Taipei, Taoyuan, and this week will not return @ @ )

( ( Sent separately , then, is the only charge once a part of postage sister ^ ^ ) )

PS. Determine the bid and ordered AK makeup and skin care products in water of sister
Please tell me , willing to wait about ten days or attach postage , please send another sister from Taoyuan oh ~ ~

Please confirm good water of the bid , leaving mail me

ak will be on Friday ( 3 /16 ) before
Together mail account and the amount of confirmation to you
Transfer in a week to as long as
Ak busy these days
Anger does not personally oh ~ ~

Yes , ak makeup clearing Hello again

These used up , it was time to think together clearing out
Want to buy water of oh please leave a message in this version

I'm still trying collated
These days will be added
Prices are about the po in the phase of the

Interested , look at the phase of the bar ~ ~








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