Assembling an audio player

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Assembling an audio player


Before you two audio players, will you see the difference?

They seem to be the same, but the difference is that at the first place, instead of the names of the songs, we see the addresses of the links to the audio files, Jack Gates art for sale

and on the second one everything is just fine, the name is visible and it's in Russian, if you write another artist, you can also read it. I explain, I found one excellent site for the assembly of such players. There you can change the player in size, in color. You can generate flash player code for several songs for the blog, Lear, Learn, or HTML page; does not require a separate .xml or .txt playlist file.

Go to the assembly site

Now for an example I'll put together a player, look at the screen.

Then choose the color of the player, by default it's a dark design.

When you do everything, at the very bottom you need to click on - View the result. In a new window your player will be released. From there you also need to take the player code.

But it can happen that when you insert the code into a new entry and go out to preview, then you will see some tags, then you have to go to the new entry again and remove the tag that itself is written into the code, here is the url tag - which can be anywhere in the code, the tag is enclosed in square brackets. That's it and you just need to remove it neatly, then everything will be fine.

the lesson was
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