We recommend a record of each day with a fresh pastel pages

This is a father with a pastel painting small paintings , picture style fresh and clean. Seen from the text , the artist accustomed to buying fresh bread every time , or after a lovely tea sets record with a brush . This is really a good idea. Ou Yelai try ~ ~ http://www.artist-at-heart.com/blog/archives/oilpastel.html
Chinese translation is as follows:
1 . As supper Le Chi biscuits, ah , the body is not very good na. .
2 . As usual, the bought bread sketch down . This is called BOULE French bread . As described in the text , round . Illuminated from the upper right looked normal again after the house lights on a look , think in fact common on Fang Guangyuan may also good. . .
3 . About 10 days with no long- men meet, lamented newborn changing so fast ~ ! Parent training in nursing , etc. , although no change in weight , but has opened his eyes , eyes chase me with your eyes can see that the growth I am really happy ~ ! In addition , it may be because the metabolism of excitement caused by a called infantile eczema eczema and acne , made a face . I think this is very meaningful record , so truthfully portrayed down . There is a sketch . ( Sorry, did not look carefully before , thought it was a mother .. Japanese man 's mind should be so fine ah .... Halo ~ ! )
4 . Day after day ( here do not understand ) cup and cup holder . Yesterday cupholders crooked, so as once again challenge and drew once. This is 10 months *** brand heat glass sample. Ah , how do . . .
5.2 also depicts a half years ago *** brand added a cup of espresso look. Depicts the beginning of empty cups , and finally into the coffee cup , coffee portion after the completion of drawing . Nevertheless, before drawing this piece can be really bad . . . While photographing mode is also affected , but now I feel the time is completely portrayed na. . . Today, however, painted this piece , the cup holder is also aliasing , and really feel their immature place . ( Click here underlined text will be linked to the previous page painting , really .... )
6 . This is returned from Syria last year, thanks to the way in was bought the date palm fruit. As more sugar , fatigue is very delicious to eat , so little by little to eat. Like summer painting filled into those seeds removed nuts Yeah, something with chocolate decoration for housing , etc. , but I like this just simply dried off .
7 . Today buy French bread , sliced ​​and put into Leroy Neiman paintings the refrigerator, put in the dish after 3 draw down .
8 . From being the eldest son sleeping crib headboard direction depicted . Because there crib railing , I learned from watching the gap railings painted , so there will be a number of different viewpoints about . By the way, this crib is brother spent ten years at birth . There followed discount paintings.
9 . His wife 's maiden weekend . As his wife and son now live there , KOMA ( cat's name ) can not be freely accessible and out of the house so far , and it is very disgruntled . I think this KOMA so poor , and therefore lose it possible to play , but it was still very disgruntled group into a ball , lying in the chair. . . I would describe this scene down . KOMA in the end it will slowly come to accept the baby yet. . . .
10 . With Pastels my child will be born yesterday draw down . Neonatal beds seemed very cold , so he immediately cried, and put him on his knees to coax him to sleep immediately soundly asleep  Leroy Neiman 18th at Pebble Beach Paintings . Therefore, painted in his wife 's lap sleeping baby's face . Future parents like little apology will be center stage , if you get the look , the feel very honored. ( Sorry, the last one turned bad .... )

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