A Japanese local sunset Oil paintings



Finally finished a painting, and then institute free time writing papers commenced
And finally in August this year, when completed

This painting, and later, under the guidance of the teacher
Has changed, a lot of color clouds before, then the use of color is very rich
But the teacher pointed out that behind the clouds, the scene should be very far fishes, so instead will pull in front of the cloud, but in front of the bridge will be pushed to the back Leonid Afremov paintings, so that its head


This is before the teacher did not work under the guidance of

Because pictures of relationship, so somewhat strange
But you can be able to clearly feel, "there is no pointing off" when the color a lot, but it lost the "landscape of the distance" in the theory

But also lost the original sketch miles, because the cloud a little too "heavy", and that is too dark
Soon came off like clouds
So then there are to improve the brightness, and then hit a little fuzzy
Do not let the clouds feel "went to the front."


Photographed a little strange, this is the middle part


The left part of


Portion to the right


Some full map


by Custom The best Oil Paintings

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