Two coffee ...



Two coffee: for me and the devil on the withers,
let him drink too, and so the old man was chilled,
and was so tired of hissing in a graying bang:
"The world has grown disgusted with me, it has risen in my way."
Advisor - anywhere, he coughs with words,
ripturnel removes rasping teeth.
But I catch the bow and answer directly:
first on the brotherhood. Then go to bed.


In my bed I'm ashamed. It always sleeps in December,
and women do not warm. Their bodies are like flying
crumpled sheet, sparkling, but chilly.
In flight, women are calm. There's ice in my bed.
I wanted to turn the space into myself,
a foolish word in his eyes to rewrite,
with a heartless heart to re-band all my life
and cry out your miserable herd life.
But instead of all ideas - two coffee, two poison,
swelling of long days and decubitus-yards.
I will agree with you, my good old devil -
first on the scaffold. Then we'll finish.

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