From autumn to summer turn no. (Signs of September)


That's the first month of autumn ... granted September - dual month. He one eye looks for the summer, and the other for the winter glances. Melts summer haze, deceptively blue sky, seemingly promises a long warm ...


September - Novosel autumn. Veresen - flowering heather.
Zarev - dawn - so called September in Old Church Slavonic.
September - zawadzkii.
September - mokropogodna and over time to other fertile.
Cooks August, September - to the table provides.
Thoughts - a flower, the knowledge - the ovary, and the experience - the fruit.
Thunder in September heralds the warm autumn.
Early defoliation - to early winter.
Birch leaves begin to turn yellow from the top - expect an early, bottom - late winter.


September 2, migratory flock together in the very first migratory rooks.

September 6 - rain promises dry autumn and a good harvest next year.

September 8 - Fieldfare: collection of mountain ash and viburnum.

September 9 - the day of Samson. Samson rain seven weeks, too, it will rain.

September 14 - the day of seeds. On the day of Seeds clear - warm Indian summer.

How many rowan - so raw autumn rowan little - and will dry autumn.

Wind - flatter winds over the hut, trying to force pushing broad-shouldered.

If tree leaves turn yellow below, then early sowing of winter crops is good if from the upper boughs - good late autumn sowing.


Aspen leaves fall face up - to jelly winter underside to the top - winter will be warm, and if this way and that - winter will be mild.

September 21 - Pasenko day (in apiaries remove bees), harvested onions. Onion - from seven disease.

September 23 - Fieldfare, rowan becomes sweet.

September 24 - every heat ends. Snakes go into the woods and hide in a cave.

September 27 - Exaltation. All animals and insects lay down for the winter.

In September, when the web travel along the plants - to heat. The drier and warmer stand for September, the later winter comes.

In September, a peasant hut not warm, and the chain (threshing grain).

If the trees are not purely leaf falls off - will be a cold winter.

In the forest a lot of mountain ash - fall is rainy, if a little - dry.

Little Yegor fell into lake, he did not drown, and did not stir the water (leaf).


Rose buds on eating low - be an early frost, and if the top - these will come at the end of the cold winter.

From autumn to summer turn no.

There is no better flavor than the smell of fresh bread.

And lumpy, and spongy and soft, and fragile, and all mile (bread).


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