Eliseev Igor I got used to this dream, exciting and strange ...

Eliseev Igor I got used to this dream, exciting and strange ...

I got used to this dream, exciting and strange,
In which I love and I know that we love,
But the image of women sometimes elusive -
And the same and not the same, for he is like a fog.

Paul Verlaine "My longtime dream"


Kiss of Moonlight

In the hand ball of needles - sand burns.
Flowing out of the hand of white silk, pleated lace compresses, disturbing tenderness touch.
Again and again, promising clue, he leaves without saying goodbye.
Hot as now, the bulk as a dream come true.
Gradually heat passes, leaving fond memories.

Over time, experienced emotions lose paint - memory overlying sand dust.
And the best net for them - the art.
It allows you to quickly pin to pin them to the black velvet, close the transparent glass and hang on the wall.
Pollen colored wings remains fully intact.


Melody Dream


Wandering under the stars

Paintings Igor Eliseev record dreams, memories, dreams. Vague images intermingled lessirovochnomu layers of paint.
Memory - perfect artist arbitrarily combining scraps of emotions, it creates a complete image.
The artworks like real dreams fascinate whimsical storyline.


The golden path


On the border of the city closed eyes

In the first moment you see the transparent color and the head goes to the fog, then, getting used to a little dizzy from the high air to collect paintings by parts guessing subtle silhouettes, looking farther and farther inland.
"Sleeping Buddha", "Whisper of mirrors", "Sand dreams" ... the real object like a dream filled with new meaning, they live their lives: a stool with an open book, hookah, shell, hourglass, wooden body of the old ship abandoned in the desert.
And the faces, faces, faces.
Sleeping, charming naive young beauty, with wide-eyed children.
They show through objects, observed from the side.








Invisible treasure


Invisible Life

The author believes that the moments of happiness, sadness, love do not go away - the angels keep them in our hearts.
Not only in humans but also in memories, it turns out, there are angels angel silver dreams, angel sandy time angel pearl surf.


Time of Desires


Angel of my time


Angel pearl surf

Jean Cocteau believed that cinema - a "dream come true".
Igor Eliseev continues the tradition.
His paintings are like a long-forgotten dream - a vague, uncertain, but very light.

Mary Queen







The Way to a Dream




Artist - Igor Eliseev.

Igor Eliseev was born in 1965 in Chita
In 1989 he graduated from art school Chita
Since 1998 member of the Union of Artists of Russia Igor Eliseev Creativity quirky and original, and his unique style, delicate nervous and eloquent poetic minimalism, won the hearts of thousands of fans.
His enigmatic paintings, like dreams, to meditation, to travel through the looking glass, invite us to go and touch the secret paths to the secrets that the author of "pulled" out of the void, of untranslatable dialogue with silence.
Each of his exhibition, like a window into the beyond.
There is music, vibrating with the pictures on the same, very "high" frequencies.
And a very high frequency.
Surprising harmonious integration into the fabric of the exhibition video, excite exciting flavors ...
All of this is comparable to the magical portal to inorealnost and rendezvous with the unknown.

Music: Helen Merrill - Deep in a dream

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