Edouard Manet. Street singer

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Edouard Manet. Street singer

 Edouard Manet.
Street singer

Materials: canvas, oil
Dimensions: 175.2 x 108.6 centimeters
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

"... Once Manet sees a girl of about twenty in Mober's Square, she immediately attracted him by her extraordinary appearance-a defiantly defiant look, a face marked by bright beauty.What a model this girl would be, she could certainly help create a big picture, about what he long dreams.

 She has a small but strong, thin, graceful body. This blonde with a rusty hue of hair, matte, very pale skin, large brown eyes bordered by such light eyelashes that they are almost not noticeable. Suddenly, Manet is next to her and with his usual unconstrained charm, the gourmet smile is playfully asking if she would not have agreed to pose for him.

Well, of course! Why not? A native of Montmartre, this girl - her name is Quiz-Louise Meran - dreamed only of one thing: to break out of poverty. Did she trade herself? May be. Looking at the mirror in the mirror, the face of a dazzling snowy whiteness, brown, with golden eyes, she gives herself up to unrealizable dreams about the theater, imagines herself an actress. She - so it seems to her - an artistic nature. The proposal of Manet does not shock her, she is not surprised - she was waiting for him; this is a sign of fate.

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uiz Meran immediately begins to pose in the studio on Guyot Street. She can strum on the guitar. So why not become a musician? And now Manet already writes from her "Street singer" - holding the instrument with one hand, she eats cherries when she leaves the cabaret. This painting is juicy, virtuosic, where the gray tones of skirts and blouses, trimmed with a black cord, form the richest variations within a single register.

The quiz has all the qualities of a gorgeous model; first of all, naturalness, which is very rare in the representatives of this profession, and at the same time it is a wonderful property to adapt to the artist, to enter into a variety of roles - the ability, which undoubtedly explained the theatrical thoughts of Quiz; In addition, also patience, understanding the significance of the work of the painter, accuracy.

The quiz likes not only the Mane-artist, she likes Mane-man. Soon an intimate affinity arises between them, and the rumor of this creeps through Paris. Of course, Suzanne does not know anything, besides, her temper is meek, and is it worth it to sound the alarm because of some whim, a whim ... "

Based on the materials of the book by A.Perusho "Edward Manet." / Transl. with fr., after. M. Prokofieva. - M .: TERRA - Book club. 2000. - 400 p., 16 p. yl.


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