John Singleton Copley

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John Singleton Copley (03/07/1738 - 09/09/1815) | Do you remember how, from the darkness of the past, barely wrapped in satin ....

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John Singleton Copley
John Singleton Copley
Birthday Birthday: July 3
Place Of Birth: Boston, UK
Date of death: 09/09/1815
Place of Death: London, UK
Nationality: United Kingdom
American artist of the XIX century, a master of portrait and historical painting.
Was born in Boston in the USA. His stepfather himself was an artist, and later helped his stepchild with advice. However, Copley honed his artistic talent on his own, copying the engravings from the works of Gottfried Kneller, Joshua Reynolds and other masters of that time.

Portraits created by Copley are writt Karpo Trokhymenko paintings for sale

en in a classicistic manner with elements of rococo. His works, such as the famous Boy with the Squirrel (portrait of his brother Henry Pelham, 1765), portraits of P. Revere (1768), N. Hurd (1765-1766, all - the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston) - give an idea of ​​the , that Copley was one of the best American portrait painters of his time.
Artistic career
In 1766, Copley sent a picture of Henry Pelham (Boy with a Squirrel) to London for an exhibition, and he received the most flattering reviews, including from J. Reynolds, who stated that Copley could become a master of the world magnitude - with the appropriate artistic education.
In 1774, on the eve of the war for the independence of the United States and in view of the turbulent political situation, Copley left America, and after a while with his family settles in London.
In London, Copley closely mingled with the painter B. West, his compatriot who arrived in England eleven years earlier and by that time had already won the recognition of the public. Under the influence of West Copley refers to the historical genre. In his first significant work of this kind (Brook Watson and the Shark), the artist develops the theme of man's struggle with the destructive forces of nature, which later becomes the hallmark of all romanticism of the XIX century.
In 1799, Copley became a member of the Royal Academy of Arts.
In the last years of his life, Copley's health deteriorated sharply, but he continued to work until the last months of his life.
He died in London on September 9, 1815.
In honor of Copley called the crater on Mercury.


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