Watercolor by German artist Detlev Nitschke


Detlev Nitsshke (Detlev Nitschke) - was born in Berlin.

Detlev Nitsshke was always in search of the true artistic vocation. He began to study lithography and a lot of effort spent on the study of the technical part, and to provide further art education in Berlin. With excellent professionalnauyu training, Detlev Nitsshke can work accurately and realistically, but inclined to Impressionism because of emotion.

At the present time - Managing and Creative Director «Graphic Company» Berlin. Has his own studio in Berlin. Profiles quarrels and Professor H. Imauss Boehlandt Berlin.

The play of light and color effects inspired him. Detlev Nitsshke trying to hold in his paintings the joy of life.

The artist's works Detlev Nitsshke are among the most impressive works of modern art. The paintings are exhibited in prestigious galleries around the world - in Hamburg, Heidelberg, Munich, Berlin, Zurich, Salzburg, Venice, Boston, Nantucket ...


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