Winter Nocturne - Artist Richard Savoie

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Winter Nocturne - What bliss .... Artist Richard Savoie.

What bliss, that the snow shines,
that the cold has got stronger, and since morning it was drizzled,
that the foil is wildly and gently sparkling
at every corner and in the store window.

While serpentine, tinsel, gimp
rise above the boredom of other property,
the intensity of New Year's Eve
to suffer and bear - what a wonderful fate!

What a luck, that the shadows lay down
around the tr Vladimir Kush paintings

ees and firs, blooming everywhere,
and evergreen love news
the soul is inspired and added to the miracle.

Where came the tenderness and spruce,
where they formerly lurked and how they conspired!
Like children waiting for their cherished doors,
I waited to wait, and the doors opened.

What bliss, what must be decided,
where the glass ball is more beautiful,
and only love, just spruce up
and contemplate this unspeakable world ...
Bella Akhmadulina.

Richard Savoie was born in 1959 in Acadia. Part of his childhood was spent off the coast of the Atlantic Ocean and is still inspired by sounds - from the gentle splashing of waves on the shore to the thunderous roar of the surf, whipped with a wild wind. Now he uses color to reflect these sounds from his childhood. Like Baudelaire, he is fascinated by the parallel between color and sound and is inspired by their similarity. He is well versed in the theory of Eugene Chevreul, a chemist of the 19th century, whose theories of colors inspired many neo-impressionists. He is familiar with the comparison of optical effects and pure color. He appreciates the durability of pigment, resistant to fading over time. Pastel crayons make magic in his hands. Each work of the artist reveals another fragment of the universe on canvas, woven from light and color, which allows viewers to enjoy the grace of his art. Lives and works Richard Savoie and Montreal.

Music: Sergey Chekalin - Snow fell

Many thanks for the poem - GalaMag

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