Happiness Masters Paintings Exhibition


I started high school, liked the works of Renoir , knowing Forbidden City Exhibition Renault Watt < happiness Masters - Renoir and 20th Century Paintings Exhibition > is good fun, clamoring to see. However, recently this for a while really busy , almost missed it. Fortunately, before the end of the penultimate day to catch up .


Visiting hours after the thing is , the last time was when? Totally can not remember. Impression should see a Chinese heritage right ? For example, jade cabbage it paintings for sale! Qiu Ying 's Palace Chunxiao friends ! Riverside like ? ? ? ? ? < This time it will not be the primary


Of course , the Forbidden City has been in that distant Waishuanghsi , for me, had never convenient transportation , so unless foreign friends come to visit the Forbidden City will bring it ! But I really did not entertain through which foreign friends !




So either Renoir attraction is strong enough, I'd probably have to wait until STRING bigger , and to take him to visit the National Palace Museum , and will come on !
Today seen the exhibition have considered want to go see the permanent exhibition of calligraphy painting , but lunch time I'm hungry too , so give up , then just like Ah Cheng said, so STRING big will come with him , as Well the parents who have the responsibility to take the kids into the art world, so it will come back soon !


Today see "Happiness Masters - Renoir and Twentieth Century Paintings " exhibition before the exhibition has been thought that Renault watts , but seeing the third paintings for sale , but found that other people 's paintings , carefully read the instructions to know the original exhibition also affected by several of the Impressionist painter's works are also on display , including Picasso , Matisse and so on.


The exhibition 's works mainly Japan POLA museum collections, but also to the Forbidden City and other places around Japan as well as major museums in Europe and America , borrowed after negotiation with the representative works of Renoir , so be very rich, but I have seen the exhibition is somewhat small disappointed because Renoir 's works on display though more than Daniel Ridgway Knight paintings twenty , my favorite pieces of Renoir 's works did not occur.
Exhibition venue prohibits photography, painting photographed at the entrance can only be considered one of the masterpieces of Renoir " Dailei Si cap girl ." Exhibition hall there is " An Liou Mrs. " with " anemone ", etc.


I would be disappointed mainly because no show " Miss Conway Wales Portrait of Mademoiselle Irene Cahen D 'Anvers ." This painting is currently seems to be a private collection , so I guess not borrowed on display.
Is a piece of " Miss Conway Wales " I was like Renoir , high school pop puzzles, so I also have the painting puzzle . The writer of the novel 57X61 Wang Wenhua mentioned among small Irene precisely Miss Conway Wales .
A digression , because of the small blessings Irene , coupled with delicate Wang Wenhua will describe the relationship between men and women 's fate , so I like Wang Wenhua , fans which he lost a good many years .


In addition, the very famous " piano girl " does not show on the list, but also makes me a little disappointed .

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